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Edilvie S.r.l. uses Auger Boring technology. 

The Auger Boring technology, which is generally used for the carrying out of straight micro-tunnels, the diameters of which range between 200 mm and 3500 mm, consists in feeding a lining (steel or light structural concrete pipes or prefabricated box-type elements etc.) through a micro-tunnel that has been created at the same time as the excavation of the tunnel face itself.

The feeding procedure is carried out by a hydraulic compression station located externally that actions its jacks on the last element consequently making all the elements inside the micro-tunnel gradually move forward. Generally, the friction that is caused between the elements and the borehole wall limits the advancing motion to a maximum of 60mt, in case greater lengths have to be reached, it is necessary to resort to intermediate compression stations.

There are many types of excavation equipment used for this type of operation and they vary according to the material to be inserted, its diameter, length and geological conditions encountered.


  • Road and railway crossings
  • Tunnels for the containment of technological lines
  • The overcoming of natural and artificial barriers
  • No alteration as regards the original compaction of the soil


EDILVIE S.R.L. - Strada Dell'Artigianato n° 22 - 01024 CASTIGLIONE IN TEVERINA (VT)
Lazio - Italia

Tel: (+39) 0761 94.70.23
Fax: (+39) 0761 94.92.44

P.IVA: 01605010568


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